florida nursing home deaths irma

florida nursing home deaths irma

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The elderly are the most vulnerable of our community. Many lack the ability to communicate and are completely reliant on their caretakers and family. Many nursing and rehabilitation residents are infirm and cannot help themselves or speak out when nursing home abuses befall them. When we entrust our loved ones to a nursing home, unfortunately we must count on professional caretakers to supervise every aspect of their life, from bathing to administering medication. As nursing home abuse lawyers, we see all types of negligent treatment of our elderly on a routine basis that often result in wrongful death. Some of the common abuses we encounter with nursing home negligence cases are bed sores, fall downs, and misadministration of prescriptions.

While nursing homes are regulated by the state of Florida under Chapter 400 (Nursing Homes and Related Health Care Facilities), the government cannot adequately monitor what goes on at these nursing homes on a regular basis.. Sometimes it feels like the only thing keeping nursing home operators and owners somewhat in check are nursing home abuse lawyers like us. Even then, the way the laws are set up, it is not easy to sue a nursing home. Nursing Home abuse lawyers must follow pre-suit statutes similar to medical malpractice laws which increase the cost and difficulty in bringing a nursing home case. Complicating matters, many nursing homes have inadequate insurance policies if they have insurance at all. Sometimes the corporate owners of the nursing homes play a shell game, and have holding companies with minimal assets or “wasting” policies that drain the policy limits as the cases are being defended until there is little or nothing left to recover from. At Perkins Law Offices, our nursing home abuse lawyers will evaluate your or your love ones claim for free. Call a nursing home abuse lawyer at 305-741-5297 (LAWS) or toll free at 855-741-5296 (LAWS) or email [email protected]

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